Geoff Pendleton
Head of IT
Year joined: 2016

Highlights of the role:  

Geoff is working with our Pubs and Brewery to take advantage of some of the great new technology that is becoming available. He will look at what our partners’ have to offer and what other exciting new products and services are out there and evaluate what can work well for McMullens. Some of the new systems he is bringing in include upgrades to the EPOS system, online table bookings and table management, new payment systems, online training portals and data integration technologies. These are exciting times for the I.T. in the hospitality industry.

What makes McMullen’s the company of choice:  

For Geoff, the long term commitment to the fabric and to the staff – that’s what makes McMullens great. The company is investing significant sums in ensuring the pubs and brewery are equipped for efficient working and there is an ongoing commitment to provide the best-in-class technologies. At the same time, with McMullen's great training team, we ensure that staff are fully supported throughout the process. Geoff is favourable that McMullen's also likes to listen to our staff, find out what works well and what doesn’t and learn from that as we establish benchmarks of success across the estate.

Life prior to McMullen’s:  

Geoff has worked in IT for "a lot of years" now and latterly in the hospitality sector where he definitely feels at home. It didn’t start out that way, his first few jobs were in tropical fruit exporting in South America and the Caribbean. After some teaching he settled on the IT sector. Interspersed with this has been plenty of education and training (although he promotes that he may limit it to the 3 Masters degrees he has completed to date)

Favourite menu item:

To drink it has to be a pint of AK - sat by the roaring fire at the Woolpack with a fish finger sandwich for lunch. In the summer, out on the riverside terrace with a fresh Caesar salad but keeping the AK which is for all seasons.