Jack Baron




Year joined: 2017


Highlights of your role:

Developing new beers and flavour profiles in order to provide customers with a wider variety of products on the bar. Also working with the marketing department to discover consumer trends and tailor the brewing to these requirements. 

What makes McMullen’s the company of choice:  

McMullen’s has a strong reputation in the brewing and hospitality world, and the team in the Hertford brewery are close-knit and passionate.

Life prior to McMullen’s:  

Jack has recently completed studying Brewing and Distilling BSc at Heriot-Watt University for 4 years achieving a 1st, with a keen interest in both beer and whisky. Jack has experience working part time at Greene King in their brew house in 2014. He is a dab hand at brewing at home and in craft breweries for the past 4 years creating exciting and new flavours.

Favourite menu item:

The Chook burger at The Woolpack with a pint of Rivertown Pale Ale.