Jennie Golding


Operations Manager


Year joined: 2022


Oversees: 12 pubs

Highlights of the role: Jennie loves spending her time with a diverse group of people in 12 very different businesses and working out how best she can support them to develop their teams and grow their business.


What makes McMullen’s the company of choice: For Jennie, without question it’s McMullen's values and the fact that our people do their best to live and breathe them every day.


Life prior to McMullen’s: Jennie has worked in hospitality for most of her life starting off as a “Saturday girl” in a local tea shop when she was 14 years old. She took a brief break after college and spent a few years as an accountant but missed the buzz of hospitality too much. She has been fortunate enough to have worked for some fantastic hospitality companies including Whitbread and the Restaurant group in various different concepts and roles.


Favourite menu item: Fish and chips, it’s always her go to when she feels the need for some comfort food.