Jenny Strathern
Property Director
Year joined: 2019

Highlights of the role:  

For Jenny, buying and developing new sites is exciting as she brings new trade and jobs to new geographical areas. It’s also so satisfying for her to see the investment made into our existing trading estate as we continually care for our properties. Jenny is very proud to be invited to be the first female board director at Mac's.

What makes McMullen’s the company of choice:  

McMullen's owns a fantastic variety of property assets and Jenny works with a Board that makes quick decisions whilst holding true to family values. Jenny loves pubs, property and the leisure business - what more could you want in a role?

Life prior to McMullen’s:  

Jenny achieved a BA (Hons) from Leeds Beckett University followed by a Post Graduate award from Reading University whilst working at Whitbread, after which she became a Chartered Surveyor responsible for buying, selling and managing pubs and hotels across the UK. Since then, she has managed property assets at Burger King, Casual Dining Group, and Prezzo as well as acquiring, funding and developing investments for The Parks Trust.

Favourite menu item:

Beef and shin pie paired with a well poured pint of AK. Jenny is also a big fan of all the Rivertown Brewing products.