Robert Stimpson
Head of Development, Compliance and Maintenance
Year joined: 1985
Highlights of the role: Robert is very proud of the service the small department provides for the company, managing a substantial repair and development programme and always endeavouring to complete projects on time and within budget with minimum disruption to trade.

What makes McMullen’s the company of choice: In his opinion two of the most important things in life are family and working for a good company. Robert feels very lucky to have a wonderful family and to work for a company like McMullen’s. Having worked for McMullen’s for over 25 years he still feels part of a team working towards a common goal. He enjoys being part of a successful business and looks forward to developing the company’s property portfolio. With several new acquisitions he says the future is bright.

Life prior to McMullen’s: Robert worked at British Gas for 10 years prior to starting at McMullen’s and attended the Hertfordshire College of building where he studied Architecture and Building Surveying.

Favourite menu item: Gammon and eggs.