Drive/Walk Through Contactless Beer Shop

Whilst a few of us are still on site doing essential work, as well as keeping our yeast strain alive, if you have been on your supermarket shop and wish to walk or drive through we are here for you to collect your locally brewed beer. A free toilet roll on orders over £40!!! Below is our current stock list:-

Our shop is currently open 10am - 3:30pm Monday-Friday. The following items can be bought on site with card (no cash), please accept our social distancing rule of 3 metres (don't worry it's a big open yard!)


No.1 (3.8%) 330ml             £1.50 bottle  /  £36 case of 24
Stronghart (7%) 500ml      £2.00 bottle  /  £16  case of 8
Mac's Pale Ale (4.1%) 500ml     £1.50 bottle  /  £12 case of 8
Rivertown IPA (5.6%) 330ml          £1.80 bottle  /  £21.60 case of 12
Rivertown Pale Ale (4.6%) 330ml        £1.50 bottle  /  £18 case of 12
Heineken 0.0 (0%) 330ml      £1.25 bottle  /  £30 case of 24
Budwiser Budwar (5%) 330ml    £1.60 bottle  /  £38.40 case of 24

Finca Valero Blanco Macabeo    £6.00 bottle
Finca Valero Tinto Tempranillo Garnacha    £6.00 bottle
Santa Rita Gran Hacienda Chardonnay    £10.00 bottle
Santa Rita Gran Hacienda Merlot     £10.00 bottle

^ all prices may change subject to availability

Alternatively you can order a 10L or 20L beer box of our cask ales. Please email who will advise a suitable pick up time (minimum of 2 hours after order confirmed, but please feel free to give it a try we may be able to do this in 20 minutes!)

AK Beer Box (3.7%)   10L £32.28  /  20L  £62.78
IPA Beer Box (4.8%)    10L  £39.36  /  20L  £76.98
Country Beer Box (4.3%)     10L  £36.66  /  20L  £72.12