World Beer Celebration, August 7th


International Beer Day at Work!

No matter whether you’re a lager lover or a real ale enthusiast, there is no excuse not to raise a glass of your favourite pint to International Beer Day!

On Friday, 7th August take part in the world celebration at your local Macs Pub! This day is the perfect opportunity for you to show our appreciation to Chris Evans who brews McMullen Real Ale, and to the breweries who make the fantastic beer we stock from all over the world. Perfect for an afternoon drink in one of our beer gardens.

McMullen’s stock 48 beers for participating pubs and bars from 15 different countries around the world including:  

Japan, Germany, USA, Mexico, France, Netherlands, India, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Belgium, Singapore and of course the UK!

World beers include (details correct as of 10/07/15 – subject to availability):  

Coors Light 4.2% abv (US), Peroni Nastro Azzuro 5.1% abv (Rome), Tiger 5.0% abv (Singapore), Curious Brew 4.7% abv (UK), Estrella Galicia 5.5% abv (Spain), Camden Hells Lager 4.6% abv (UK), Meantime London Pale Ale 4.3% abv (UK), Freedom Four 4.0% abv (UK), Blue Moon 5.4% abv (Belgium), Foster’s 4.0% abv (Australia), SanMiguel 5.0% abv (Spain), Kingfisher 6.0% abv (India), Sol 4.4% abv (Mexico), Stella Artois 5.0% abv (Belgium), Brooklyn Lager 5.2% abv (US), Kronenbourg 5.0% abv (France), Amstel 5.0% abv (Amsterdam), Monteith’s 5.0% abv (New Zealand), Heineken 5.0% abv (Amsterdam) and Erdinger Weissbier 5.3% abv (Germany)

World Beer Facts for Trivia Lovers! (Source: , )
Beer sales around the world – who drinks the most?   

Source: Telegraph, 2014

About The Event

International Beer Day was originated in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California. Originally International Beer Day was celebrated on 5th August. However, due to the popular demand it now takes place on the first Friday of August since 2013. There is no better combination than Friday and Beer after all.

If you're looking to celebrate International Beer Day at home, buy our British beer online.

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