Top Table Dinner


Recently we held our ‘Top Table,’ a fantastic appreciation dinner held in honour of the hardworking Kitchen Teams who regularly delight Mac’s diners again and again!

Top Table originated three years ago when the Food Development Manager was trying out different recipes and decided to invite Chefs (and Kitchen Team members) from the pubs and bars to Head Office, cook them some delicious food and turn it into a reward evening for them – the rest, as they say, is history!

How does it work? I hear you ask. Well, Top Table is designed to reward anyone who works in the kitchen who has gone above and beyond in their roles. They are then nominated by their Managers and Area Managers to attend a special dinner. The appreciation meals are run 3-4 times a year, and there is definitely the hope to grow this number to cook up more tasty feasts for Mac’s hardworking team members.


                                                                                            Buttermilk Chicken Wings

February’s theme was ‘American BBQ,’ and so as you’d expect there was meat-a-plenty! To make the meal extra special, the Area Managers got involved and became the waiters and pot washers for the evening. Everyone who attended also were given a complimentary BBQ cookbook for inspiration. The smiles on everyone’s faces showed how much the night was enjoyed by all!

Franklin Barbecue, Aaron Franklin | Pitt Cue Co, Tom Adam | Let there be Meat, James Douglas

“It is such a simple way to say thank you to the hardworking team members of the kitchen. They cook for everyone, so it is great to return the favour! It is always a fantastic evening where like-minded people can get together and enjoy each other’s company – and of course some delicious food! Long may it continue!” – Lee Brooks, Food Development Manager.

Delicious collection of Jack Daniels Baby Back Ribs, Maple BBQ Brisket, Beef and Bacon Homemade Burgers and Hot Sauce Chicken Drumsticks

      Blood Orange Sorbet, for a palate cleanser                                        Salted Caramel Cheesecake                  

Want the opportunity to be wine and dined as a member of the Macs team? View our current vacancies and join the family!

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