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Introducing... Sipsmith's London Cup

Premium gin spirits continue to emerge with new figures from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association showing that 49 gin distilleries opened across the country last year. It is a massive 50% leap on the number of new distilleries that opened in 2014. To continue meeting British taste buds, we are introducing more products alike into McMullen pubs & bars including the London Cup, a refreshing citrus and aromatic gin-based cup with a blend of Sipsmith’s award winning London Dry Gin, Earl Grey tea, borage, lemon verbena & botanicals inspired by the ubiquitous punches and cups found in 1800s London.

Sipsmith, a London based distiller, have given a traditional drink a touch of Sipsmithian flair. The result is a sublimely sippable cup full of character and with a truly unique flavour. Why Borage? This once commonly grown English Garden plant was the garnish of choice in the original Pimm's No.l Cup, with a beautiful cucumber tang. Most people don't grow it now, so Sipsmith have been inspired to distil with it  instead. Why Lemon Verbena? This leafy herb bring-s a bright lemon freshness for a subtle citrus kick.

It must be noted that Sipsmith have the first copper still to launch in London for nearly 200 years and have won over 30 international medals since launching in 2009, but most notably Golds at San Francisco Spirits competition and best newcomer in the Observer Food Monthly awards 2011.

How To Make - The Perfect Original London Cup

  1. Find your best wine glass and fill it with ice
  2. Pour over with 50ml Sipsmith London Cup
  3. Top up with Lemonade
  4. Garnish with 1 fresh lemon round slice
  5. Now, sip leisurely.

London Cup, great to enjoy in a beer garden whilst visiting a Mac's pub or from the comfort of your home. Search for our locals with a garden or outdoor area here if you fancy drinking alfresco.

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