McMullen Horse & Dray Returns to Hertfordshire


Residents of Hertford may have seen or even heard a different sight trotting through the town recently as we have taken to the streets once more with our Horse & Dray delivering your favourite McMullen Ale to our pubs in the same way it was done many years ago.

With so much heritage and history in our 190 years of being a family run business in the heart of the Hertfordshire community, we have tasked ourselves with bringing some of it back to the community for every generation to enjoy.

We don’t want you to miss the opportunity to see our majestic and gentle giants, the Shire Horses in a town near you; here are the dates and locations you can find them this year.

19th May – Hertford

27th/28th May – Hertfordshire County Show

31st May/1st June – Suffolk Show

4th June – Capel Manor

16th June – Hertford

28th/29th June – Royal Norfolk County Show

14th July – Hoddesdon

6th August – Essex ESHA Show

11th August – Waltham Abbey

15th September – Hertford

8th October – Hertford

20th October – Ware

Make sure you keep an eye on our social media channels for more information about dates, visits, and activities throughout the year. Follow our hashtag on Twitter #190YearsOfBeer to keep up with our whereabouts.


Special thanks to W. S. Shires for all of their hard work in making this possible.

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