You can rely on Mac's! A throwback


At the request of the local authorities, for several hours during the flood of 16th September 1969 we provided a ferry service over the deepest part of the road between the centre of Hertford and the Port Vale and Bengeo areas using our hardy Dray Lorries. This picture shows two of our lorries struggling through the floods which particularly hit our part of Hertford, including a section of the brewery itself!

You can just make out in the top left hand corner the swing sign from the then “Bell and Crown” and can imagine how badly affected the pub was. But, after considerable efforts on the part of Mr. and Mrs. V. Trinder, the managers of the pub, the private rooms and bars were cleared and it was “business as usual” the very next day.

The Spread Eagle in Ware was also badly affected by the floods, but another incredible effort by landlords Mr. and Mrs. A. Parry enabled the local to be re-opened within just 24 hours.

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