The McMullen Fleet is expanding!


Exciting news from the McMullen Brewery as our Dray Fleet is expanding!

Our Dray Team are in the middle of welcoming in the latest addition to the McMullen Family with our brand new 18 plate 12 ton DAF Dray Lorry, ready to venture out across Hertfordshire, the Home Counties, London and Surrey to deliver our Champion Beers to a local near you.

With 190 years under our (driving) belt, the forever changing face of transportation has meant that our modes of delivering beer have taken some interesting turns.

Back in the 1800’s our beer was delivered across Hertfordshire in a very different way, Horse & Cart was the pinnacle mode of transportation with working Shire horses pulling loaded carts and drays through the countryside. We are incredibly proud to still have a number of these old drays in our possession, that are kept at our Hertford Brewery and still taken out across Hertford and the surrounding towns to deliver our beers. Just a little glimpse into the vast amount of Authentic Heritage our great Brewery has been built on.

Soon enough, methods of transport improved and the face of our fleet changed dramatically. In 1912 steam power was introduced with the brute force of ‘Yorkshires’ and ‘Sentinels’ making sure that our pubs were always topped up and ready to serve their loyal guests. Horses remained in conjunction until phased out by 1948. A DG 4 Sentinel is still in occasional use and has been since 1932, having earned a decade’s rest and then a new boiler, and continues to hit the roads demonstrating it mighty prowess. When fed on quality welsh coal control is required to ensure it doesn’t trouble a speed camera.


As the brewery expanded, and distances to our pubs grew so did the fleet of McMullen delivery vehicles. Steam was replaced by combustion engines and the introduction of the closed vans that would be seen darting around Hertfordshire full of AK. These were soon joined by the Bedford Beasts in the 60’s. Below is a cut from our Mac’s News publication when these extraordinary machines were first used.

Today our fleet takes a very different shape with our trustworthy machines including a 7.5 tonne Curtain Side Vehicle that get utilised for many many purposes including a quick transformation into a Dray Stage for our now annual Beer & Music Festival, and also pop up bar at gigs and events.

The new addition to the Dray ensemble has been welcomed with many great smiles from our hard working Dray team, on the day they could be seen in the yard playing an intense game of rock, paper, scissors to see who got to take the new Dray for her maiden voyage. The new dray vehicle is a Daf- LA LF 180 12 Tonne. It has a Euro 6 engine which is the latest in low emissions technology. It also comes with safety features including: Advanced emergency Braking System (Anti-Collision), Lane Departure Warning, and Vehicle Stability Control. Our new edition also comes with a Tail-Lift. This will help out especially in inner city built up areas.

Keep an eye out for our latest beast delivering champion Heritage Beers and more to a Mac’s local near you soon.

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