Irresistible desserts for the Easter season


Spring has sprung and the Easter weekend is almost here! If you love dessert and you love Easter, then look no further... our clever chefs have created the most irresistible desserts for you to celebrate this Easter season. Our show-stopping specials are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser!  

The limited edition Mini Egg specials will be available until 16th April, don't miss out.
See below for what delectable treats our pubs have on offer!
Mini Egg Waffle at Chicken and Grill pubs

Mini Egg Waffle at Destination Inns

Mini Egg Waffle and Mini Egg Martini at our High Street Premium pubs
Duke of Clarence
Town and Gown

Mini Egg Martini at our London pubs
Duchess of Cambridge
Horse and Guardsman
Kings Arms
Nags Head Covent Garden
Old Bank of England
Spice of Life
Traitors Gate
White Swan

Mini Egg Waffle at Macs Classics Pubs

Mini Egg Waffle and Mini Egg Shake at Social Specialists
Cambridge Tap
Coopers Arms
Dogs Head
Hatfield Tap
Saracens Head
White Hart - Hertford
White Hart - Whitechapel

Mini Egg Waffle at your local

Mini Egg Waffle at your local
Cricketers Woodford
Queens Arms
Queens Head


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