Mac's pubs raise $1.9k for Australian Wildlife Sanctuary


It’s not every day you receive a message from one of your managers with the biggest of smiles on their face and a koala in their arms. But that is exactly what we received today all the way from Australia!

The Australian bushfires began with several serious uncontrolled fires in June 2019, these fires spread rapidly and furiously across the country causing endless destruction to everything in its bath. To this day it is estimated that 18.6 million hectares of land have been burnt, 5,900 buildings destroyed, 34 people have lost their lives as well as an estimated one billion animals including the potential loss of some endangered species.

Our pubs The Jolly Farmers – Enfield and The Hare – Harlow have been collecting all they can from guests donating at the bar, the team donating their tips and other fundraising activities over the last month. This money was taken personally by the Jolly Farmers’ manager and our Manager of the Year, Carolyn Jordan to Australia where Carolyn is originally from.

On Monday 10th February, Carolyn proudly handed over $1,773.95 to the Jirrahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary Charitable Trust, this money going directly to the trust avoiding any additional fees that may have reduced the donation. She got to meet Tehree Gordon who has spent her time fundraising for the Koala sanctuary, the night before their meeting Gordon had driven all night to save a kangaroo joey who’s mother had died, a 120 mile road trip before heading back to tend to the sanctuary. Also present were Kola the Koala and Lucky the Wombat who were thrilled to meet our Carolyn!

Congratulations to the two pubs, and of course our guests who have made it all possible.

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