Nags Head Manager Wins Prestigious Award



Will Buck gets a touch of gold at the Great British Pub Awards 2019 and walks away with a prestigious award.

Will is the manager of McMullen & Sons pub the Nags Head in Covent Garden. He has been with McMullen & Sons for 17 years, starting off at Saracens Head in Ware as an assistant Manager with his first taste of management in Windsor. He has been at the helm of the famous Nags Head for 11 successful years, in this time he has trained and developed 7 assistants to General Manager level, 2 of which have gone on to win Newcomer of the Year at the annual McMullen company awards.

At this year’s Morning Advertiser’s Great British Pub Awards, Will was presented with the award for Best Pub Manager.

“My pub is my stage, and I strive to lead by example, maintaining a happy and relaxed persona.”

Mr Buck vows that his success is heavily due to people. From training, development and service of his team to help given and gained from industry colleagues, competitors and suppliers.

The Nags Head is a traditional English pub set in the heart of Covent Garden. The current pub was built back in 1902 and through years of refurbs and some different operators the pub still retains the feel of an old Covent Garden pub. A wet led business, every square inch of trading space is vital, in November 2015 the first floor was transformed into a sit down restaurant and is well worth a visit!

A huge congratulations to Will on this incredible award, we are sure that we will never hear the end of it!

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