At McMullen’s, we have been using the closure time well. Our pub and brewery teams have supported their local communities, helped charities and set up shops for NHS and key workers. Our pubs have been deep cleaned and then cleaned again. Our teams have been trained and we have been preparing the business to reopen safely, COVID Secure and still retaining the atmosphere and hospitality that you expect and enjoy.

Almost all our pubs will reopen on July 4th. Our golf course and driving range opened in June and our hotel will open for food and drinks with the rooms opening shortly after. 

Below is a summary of the changes we have made to our already high quality, clean and safe pubs.

As we enter this next stage, each of us will arrive having had a different experience of lockdown. Some may perhaps feel a little anxious. Please be patient with each other and our team. Please let us know if you feel we can improve in any way.

Thank you in advance for visiting your local and thank you to everyone that provided and continues to provide front line support to us all.


Joint Managing Director

We have followed PHE and Government advice and implemented the following actions across our managed estate, in order to mitigate the risks posed to our team, guests and suppliers.
  • Full site-specific risk assessment completed which will consider capacity, space requirements, entrances, exit and pinch points
  • Every member of our team has completed a minimum of 1 certified Covid Secure e learning course and refresher training for other areas
  • Every member of our team has completed a ‘Back to work’ Health Questionnaire, and will complete a ‘Fit to Work Health Tracker’ before each shift
  • We have communicated a live ‘Operating Brief and Guidelines’ document to all of our team, which we update and amend as Public Health England and Government guidance changes
  • We have provided our team with PPE, where required, in line with Government guidance, including washable face coverings which are for optional use
  • Team will work in “fixed team partnering” where possible, start and finish times will be staggered where required
  • We will deliver further enhanced handwashing, cleaning regimes and monitoring.
  • Hand gel sanitiser will be available for guest use 
  • We have briefed our team in ways to maintain social distancing between each other and guests where possible and to mitigate risk where this cannot be achieved, for example by facing back to back or side to side or reducing proximity duration
  • We will close internal soft play area and will not host live music events until guidance changes
  • We will encourage cashless payments and reduce vertical drinking to a minimum via seated service
  • Guest numbers will be controlled
  • Bookings will be encouraged or mandated, depending on the site
  • Takeaway food will be available
  • Track and Trace requirements will be supported via a QR code and website on entry (you can use paper if you prefer. Online booking contact details are retained in line with GDPR guidelines
  • Signage will support our endeavours
  • We will train, coach, monitor, listen and learn as time progresses and guidance changes
  • We will continue to promote health and wellbeing, partnering with the Licenced Trade Charity and adding various e learning courses to our teams learning platform including: Personal Resilience, Mental Health Support Champion, Diversity and Equality, LGBT and Unconscious Bias along with a plethora of other courses to help all of our team feel comfortable and confident in the workplace


We are following all the latest government advice around safe social distancing to make sure your visit is safe and stress free. We are arranging our seating plan so that you and your booking can enjoy your space safely. 

Everyone appreciates their own space, during your visit be mindful of your fellow guests at all times and be sure to allow space for others to enjoy.

At all times during your visit, contact time will be reduced to a minimum, all orders will be taken at the table to save you coming to the bar, food and drinks will be delivered to you in the safest way possible.

We will ask you to use our single use menus which will be recycled after your visit, or you can take them home with you.

Our already very high hygiene standards are being enhanced, with cleaning schedules adhered to around the pubs, restaurants, golf course and hotel.

If you spot something that we've missed, please make a member of the team aware so they can correct it.

Our teams will complete a daily health tracker before entering the building so we can keep not only our guests safe but our teams safe as well.

Our teams have also undergone additional training for a safe reopening of your local.

We are following government advice in safely keeping a note of our guests contact details in case we need to contact you with any information after your visit.