Mac's Contactless Groceries Drive Through

With short supply of produce in the supermarkets, McMullen’s have agreed with our suppliers Kale & Damson and Underwoods to supply our NHS workers, and carers in the community AT COST. We’ve compiled a list of products you can order from us to be delivered to the Hertford Brewery so you can pick it up hassle free!

1. Download form below, fill out for the groceries that you require (no bulk buying)

2. Email your form to, we aim to reply in 2-3 hours with a time to pick up. Orders made will be ready 2 days after your order, orders made before 8pm on Friday will be ready Monday.

3. Collect your groceries from us at your confirmed time slot, hassle free! We'll drop the groceries straight to your boot.

We are currently open 10am-5pm, however if this does not suit your routine please let us know and we will work around you.

*Proof of NHS/Key Worker ID required, some items will include max order per person. Contactless payment only. Free toilet roll on all orders.






Pack Size  Price    
RUMP STEAK 5OZ 5 x 5oz £10.00 / pack
SIRLOIN STEAK 8oz 5 x 8oz £21.28 / pack
UK FILLET STEAK 6oz 5 x 6oz £29.08 / pack
MINCED BEEF  1 x 2kg £8.82 / pack
DICED BEEF 1 x 2kg £14.47 / pack
FRESH BEEFBURGER 6oz (box of 10) 10 x 6oz £7.58 / box
WAGYU BURGER 6oz 4 x 6oz £12.19   box
LAMB SHANK EACH £3.48 / each
LAMB DICED 1 x 2kg £21.92 / pack
LAMB MINCED 1 x 2kg £13.59 / pack
WHOLE CHICKEN 1.3 kg       EACH £4.12 / each
SMOKED STREAKY BACON 1 x 2.25kg £15.35 / pack
SMOKED BACK BACON 1 x 2.25kg £14.19 / pack
CUMBERLAND SAUSAGE 6'S 32 Approx £12.00 / tray
GAMMON STEAK D Cut 5oz 5 x 5oz £6.16 / pack
GAMMON STEAK D Cut 8oz 5 x 8oz £7.35 / pack



No.1 (3.8%) 330ml             £1.50 bottle  /  £36 case of 24
Stronghart (7%) 500ml    £2.00 bottle  /  £16  case of 8
Rivertown IPA (5.6%) 330ml          £1.80 bottle  /  £21.60 case of 12
Heineken 0.0 (0%) 330ml      £1.25 bottle  /  £30 case of 24
Budwiser Budwar (5%) 330ml)    £1.60 bottle  /  £38.40 case of 24

Finca Valero Blanco Macabeo    £6.00 bottle
Finca Valero Tinto Tempranillo Garnacha    £6.00 bottle
Santa Rita Gran Hacienda Chardonnay    £10.00 bottle
Santa Rita Gran Hacienda Merlot     £10.00 bottle



Category Product Description Unit Of Sale Price
Fruit Apple Bramley (Cooking) Per kg £0.58
Fruit Apple Granny Smith Each £0.30
Fruit Apples Seasonal - Gala Each £0.45
Fruit Avocado Hass - Ready to Eat Each £1.55
Fruit Bananas Per kg £1.70
Fruit Blueberries Punt £2.59
Fruit Clementines Each £0.35
Fruit Grapefruit Pink Each £0.65
Fruit Grapes Black/Red Punt £2.85
Fruit Grapes White/Green Punt £2.85
Fruit Kiwifruit Each £0.35
Fruit Lemons Each £0.35
Fruit Limes Each £0.25
Fruit Mango - Ready to Eat Each £2.40
Fruit Melon Cantaloupe Each £2.60
Fruit Melon Galia Each £2.60
Fruit Melon Honeydew Each £2.60
Fruit Melon Water Each £6.25
Fruit Oranges Large Each £0.55
Fruit Oranges Medium Each £0.35
Fruit Pineapple Golden Each £2.50
Fruit Plums Seasonal Per kg £4.15
Fruit Raspberries Punt £2.30
Fruit Strawberries 400gm Punt £4.00
Vegetable Asparagus Large Bunch 500g £4.35
Vegetable Aubergine Each £1.15
Vegetable Baby Pak Choi Green Per kg £3.80
Vegetable Beans Fine Topped & Tailed Packet 150g £1.15
Vegetable Broccoli 450g £1.25
Vegetable Cabbage Green Savoy Each £1.60
Vegetable Carrots Per kg £1.00
Vegetable Cauliflower Each £2.10
Vegetable Celeriac Each £1.75
Vegetable Courgette Green Weight £3.45
Vegetable Fennel - 400gm+ Each £1.50
Vegetable Garlic Bulbs Each £0.55
Vegetable Ginger Per kg £6.90
Vegetable Leeks Per kg £2.20
Vegetable Mushroom Button 25-35 250g £1.00
Vegetable Mushroom Flat (Large) 80-120 mm Per kg £4.10
Vegetable Mushroom Portobello 85/100 mm Per kg £6.90
Vegetable Onions Brown Pre-Pack Per kg £0.90
Vegetable Onions Pre-Pack Red Per kg £1.10
Vegetable Parsnips Per kg £2.25
Vegetable Potato Baking 40s Each £0.50
Vegetable Potato Maris Piper 25kg Bag £12.25
Vegetable Potato Mids Bag 750g £1.30
Vegetable Potato Sweet Per kg £2.30
Vegetable Potato White Washed 2 kg Bag £1.80
Vegetable Squash Butternut Each £1.50
Salad Celery Green Each £1.10
Salad Cucumber each £1.00
Salad Lettuce Cos Each £1.30
Salad Lettuce Iceberg Each £1.15
Salad Onions Spring Bunch 500g £0.60
Salad Pepper Green Each £1.30
Salad Pepper Red Each £1.30
Salad Pepper Yellow Each £1.30
Salad Radish Pack £0.65
Salad Tomato Cherry Red Pack Punt £1.15
Salad Tomato Cherry Vine Pre-Pack Pack 300g £2.65
Salad Tomato Cherry Yellow Pack Punt £1.90
Salad Tomato MM Per kg £2.50
Salad Tomato Plum on the Vine Per kg £3.45
Herb Fresh Herbs Basil 100g £1.73
Herb Fresh Herbs Chervil 100g £1.73
Herb Fresh Herbs Chives 100g £1.73
Herb Fresh Herbs Coriander 100g £1.73
Herb Fresh Herbs Curly Parsley 100g £1.73
Herb Fresh Herbs Dill 100g £1.73
Herb Fresh Herbs Flat Parsley 100g £1.73
Herb Fresh Herbs Marjoram 100g £1.73
Herb Fresh Herbs Mint 100g £1.73
Herb Fresh Herbs Oregano 100g £1.73
Herb Fresh Herbs Rosemary 100g £1.73
Herb Fresh Herbs Sage 100g £1.73
Herb Fresh Herbs Tarragon 100g £1.73
Herb Fresh Herbs Thyme 100g £1.73
Dairy Butter Salted 250g £1.75
Dairy Butter Unsalted 250g £1.75
Dairy Milk Semi Skimmed (Green) 2ltr Each £1.70
Dairy Milk Skimmed (Red) 2ltr Each £1.70
Dairy Milk Whole (Blue) 2ltr Each £1.70
Cheese Cheese Blue Stilton Wedge x 160g 160g £4.35
Cheese Cheese Feta 900g £9.75
Cheese Cheese Mozzarella Balls 125g £1.40
Juice Apple Juice 2.27 ltr £5.61
Juice Orange Juice with Bits 2.27 ltr £5.70
Juice Pink Grapefruit Juice 2.27 ltr £7.76
Bread Bread Kings Mill - Medium Brown 800g £1.90
Bread Bread Kings Mill - Thick Brown 800g £1.90
Bread Bread Kings Mill - Medium White 800g £1.90
Bread Bread Kings Mill - Thick White 800g £1.90
Egg Eggs Free Range 1x6 1x6 £1.25


^ all prices may change subject to availability