Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have career or work experience opportunities at the brewery?
Please visit our current vacancies page or feel free to send a CV and cover letter to to be considered for future opportunities.

Will you donate or sponsor my event or club?
Send your proposal including a website link to your event or association for us to consider sponsoring or fundraising for your cause. Email proposals to:

Can I like, follow or keep in touch with McMullen Brewery?
You can follow McMullen's on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo as well as Linkedin and Google+ or sign up to the REALE Club newsletter mailing list. 

Where can I find your beer products?
Draught beer can be found in McMullen pubs on handpump or bottled in selected Hertfordshire supermarkets such as Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsburys. Alternatively, order bottled ale or 10/20 litre beerboxes online via the Beer Shop.

Do you give tours of your brewery?
Brewery Tours are available for groups in the Education sector. Send your enquiry with faculty details and the Brewery team will try and arrange one.

Where can I find out more about Hertford History?
Visit the Hertford Museum website for local history and exhibitions or pop into Sainsbury's Hertford store where you can find a museum dedicated to McMullen's history at the rear of Sainsbury's coffee shop.

Where can I get information about your ingredients/ farms?
We source our ingredients from Hop Merchant ; Malt Specialists French & Jupps in Stanstead Abbots as well as the Crisp Malting Group in Norfolk