The Greyhound - Hertford, McMullen's First Pub Opening in 1836

Working With McMullen's

Every pub is different – and so is every publican – so we offer a range of business arrangements and approaches to running a pub. 

Here at Macs, as we are informally known, we consider our business partners to be part of the family (who still work and run our company!). It is our belief that a pub needs to be a rewarding and economically sustainable business for tenants and pub operators while also sufficiently financially returning to us to, enable us to achieve investing in, and maintaining, the building. This balance is evidential by the fact that our average pub has been in our ownership for around 100 years. We give you all the support we can to ensure your business is a success. That means professional advice, certainly, but equally importantly, you have constant personal, face to face support from your Operations Manager. Every member of our operations team has experience of running their own pub business.

What’s more, as an independent family run company, we’re leading the way with innovative ways to give talented operators the chance to enter the trade.  We’re not constrained by corporate decision-making – on the contrary, we’re keen to help passionate entrepreneurs to realise their ambitions.