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At McMullen's, we recognise that each pub is different and so indeed are our business partners. With that in mind we have developed a range of different business agreements so that we can decide between us which is the best fit for you and your pub.  We believe our agreements offer our business partners real freedom and fairness, so you can grow and succeed in your business without being penalised for success. We do not review the rent during the agreed term so you are free to grow your business without us seeking to change the agreed economic distribution.

Our Full 5-Year Tenancy agreement.

Our agreement has been developed to ensure that fairness and transparency are at the heart of what we offer.

Key features are:

  • Our tied range of beers includes our 4 regular award-winning McMullen's ales plus a monthly seasonal ale and a large selection of leading brand beers, ciders and flavoured alcoholic beverages
  • You are usually free of tie on wines, spirits and soft drinks, although we offer a comprehensive discounted range to all tenants to help you to remain competitive
  •  We operate a volume based incentive scheme for draught products
  •  Rent is set for the entire five years with no rent reviews
  • We pay for all major repairs and we list each repair responsibility up front
  • Machine AWP profit is split 50/50 with McMullen's
  • We offer free induction training, pre-entry experience with an experienced tenant, and several free courses to enable you to manage your pub effectively

Our 1-Year Try Before You Buy Agreement

Our shorter 1-year agreement offers those with limited experience, or those wishing to enter the pub sector for the first time, the chance to enter into an agreement without a long-term commitment.  Any tenant who enters into the agreement can sign up to the full agreement at any time if they feel that the business is going well.

Key features are:

  • The agreement is broadly the same as the 5-year agreement. Rent is usually lower than the market rate but the incentive scheme does not apply
  • Notice periods on either party are shorter at three months respectively

Our Pub Operators' Agreement

Our Pub Operators Agreement (POA) is an agreement that enables low cost entry into operating a pub.  It also allows an experienced operator to use their entrepreneurial skills to develop and grow their own business partially in return to food with the full help and support of McMullen's as a partner. While the entry costs are lower and there is less long term commitment McMullen's own the wet trade.

Key features are:

  • Your income is earned from: a) a fee based on an amount referenced to an agreed fixed percentage of liquor sales and b) all profit from food sales. So the more you sell the more you earn.
  • The liquor operation is funded entirely by McMullen's, so there’s no need to purchase liquor stock
  • You’ll pay a weekly Kitchen Operation Fee to cover the cost of utilities and operational expenses incurred by McMullen to maintain the kitchen.  This will be set between 10% and 15% of the food turnover, depending on the size and trading style of the pub
  • Capital is needed for a good faith deposit and to finance the set-up of the food operation
  • McMullen pay for rates, repairs and most operating costs, including council tax, and the pub is not subject to any rent
  • Items that you pay for include hanging baskets, window cleaning, cleaners and gardening
  • You are responsible for employing and paying staff
  • You are responsible for due diligence management in the business
  • McMullen's provide managed house levels of investment, training and support

Summary of our Head of Terms

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McMullen's Code of Practice

As a member of the Independent Family Brewers of Britain we comply with a Code of Practice supervised by the Pub Governing Body. 

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Glossary of Terms

New to some of the jargon? Our glossary of terms should help!

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