Lord Haig

The Lord Haig sits just off the high street in Hertford and has a loyal customer base who enjoy both live music and live sports. Sales are currently recovering at 4/5K a week but have levelled closer to £7K before,

It is served by a small courtyard garden but is in excellent condition both inside and out and benefits from a 3 bedroomed spacious flat also in good condition.

We are ideally looking for someone to keep the business in this market place but promote our increasingly popular Rivertown beers and potentially start a small food offering in the business, there is a catering kitchen but unused and could potentially be made commercial.

Ingoing costs for our tenancies start with a £5000 deposit ( we can build up from £3000) and a months rent in advance. All beer orders are paid before delivery. The pub is free to purchase wines, spirits and minerals from any supplier with no additional charge. We would prefer to rent the F&F at 10% of its value but of course you can purchase if wanted.

For all enquiries please contact Luke Davy on 07717 572215 or luke.davy@mcmullens.co.uk



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