Tenancy Operations Team Support

In distinction with big tenanted pub companies McMullen's are principally a managed house operator. We run our own pubs and so every day can emphasise with the trials and tribulations, as well as the highs of working in this trade. This gives us a genuine ability to understand your business.

Our Tenancy Operation Managers are trained to the highest level, each having achieved the BII-accredited Level 4 Certificates in Multiple Retail Management, as well as numerous industry training programmes. Equally important, new tenants are reassured to know that all of our TOMs are former pub operators/tenants themselves – so they fully understand your problems, ambitions and concerns. To help you ensure you’re staying on course, we conduct business reviews every 6-8 weeks for new tenants and every 12 weeks for existing tenants. 

In an emergency your TOM can be contacted at all hours, and is your first point of contact for all your needs or queries.

Your one to one business reviews will focus on key areas, namely:

  • Financial performance and planning, including business plan information and presentation
  • Trade performance, profit and loss analysis if needed
  • Due diligence support
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities
  • Help and advice on best retailing practices 
  • Support with HR issues
  • Retail investment advice during refurbishments

Repairs and Decoration Programme

To ensure our pubs remain in good condition and your business remains competitive, we undertake a full repair and redecoration of our pubs every 7 years or as deemed necessary by the Company. In addition to this, we assess every pub to see if additional capital can be invested to either improve or reposition your business. If that’s the case, we’ll negotiate with you the costs and the possible returns for both parties.  If the spend will provide adequate returns, we plan and manage the whole process for you.  

In addition to the repair and decoration, we also handle your signage, refurbishment and external investment when it’s needed to ensure your ‘shop window’ is looking fresh and inviting.

McMullen's Tenant Retail Support

Your Tenant Operations Manager will always be on hand to provide support and ideas for your pub, and to help with creating and implementing a promotional planner for your business.

Social Media Support

We believe modern pubs and retailers are becoming ever more aware of the need to connect with their customers through modern media – in fact it can be vital to your success.  To help you get maximum benefit, we offer hands-on training, advice and support in setting up and maintaining customer databases for e-marketing and social media pages. You can leverage our managed house resources who are engaged with social media on a daily basis.

McMullen's Cellar Team

Unlike some companies, we never outsource our cellar services and our cellar team takes great pride and passion in ensuring our cellars are ‘the second kitchen’, and that our beers are dispensed in the best condition every time.  We ensure all our tenants have excellent one-to-one and/or classroom training and to reward the best cellarmen or women in the company, we hold annual cellar competitions with cash incentives! 

All cellar repairs, beer dispensing equipment and cooling is the responsibility of McMullen's.

Estates Services

Our estates team ensure that all the repair and maintenance issues for which we are responsible are swiftly dealt with. We also help our tenants with annual cleaning of kitchen ductwork/extract, annual sweeping of gas and solid fuel fire chimney(s), an annual Gas Fire safety check, and Fire Safety certificate.  In addition we maintain all main heating systems in the pubs.

Machines support

Amusements with prizes (AWP) machines and pool tables provide some much-needed income if installed in the right pubs.  As part of our support we employ a machines management company on your behalf to ensure that all machine income is maximized and that our machines are maintained in good working order and regularly updated.  Our machines are installed by our nominated supplier to ensure best practice.

Mystery guest programme

As part of our service we support a mystery guest programme designed to help tenants improve their offer. Each mystery guest visitor is carefully vetted for suitability, and the results are discussed at your business reviews with your TOM.

Buying support

Our tenants all have access to our managed house supply list and advice from our food operations team.

In addition to this, we have vetted suppliers to our tenants for energy supply and accountancy services, to ensure tenants can’t fall victim to rogue traders.


Although you’re not tied to wines, we do offer a bespoke Tenancy list via our wine partners. This ensures that our tenants’ wines don’t clash with those of our managed houses, and that our wines are of good quality and value. If you do buy your wines from McMullen's we also offer free wine training for your staff, wine list printing and the opportunity to host wine tastings in your pub.

Catering and Food Development

Food is an increasingly important factor in many pubs' offering. Your TOM will be able to provide you with ideas and suggestions for developing the food trade at your pub if appropriate – such as menu development and production and recipe and promotional ideas.

BII Membership 

McMullen's will pay your first annual subscription to the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII).  The BII are the professional body representing the licensed retail sector, and they provide members with a monthly magazine, purchasing advice and discounts, HR legal advice and a dedicated helpline.

Rating Advice

McMullen's retains the services of a professional ratings advice agency as part of your rent.  All ratings appeals and negotiations are done via them on your behalf.

McMullen News

Our in-house McMullen News is a quarterly magazine distributed across our estate, in which it’s free for tenants to publicise events and achievements.