The Application Process

You can either download an application form, or request an application form and we will send you one in the post. We pride ourselves in returning contact with all enquiries within 48 hours of receiving them.

If it is a general enquiry, we will arrange for you to meet up with one of our operations team, who will be happy to talk about our pubs and who will keep you updated of any future opportunities.

If you are looking for a particular pub, why not look in our Available Pubs for Tenancy or Available Pubs for POA (Franchise) sections.

If you apply for a specific pub, we will conduct a credit check and revise the reference information you have provided. One of our operations team will contact you and arrange to meet up with you to discuss your application.

If your application for a specific pub is progressed, you will be asked to complete a Business Plan which will detail what your plans are for the business, as well as your forecast, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow. We will provide you with available information to help you complete this, including drinks volumes supplied by us to the pub over the last five years, the rateable value and our explanation of how we have calculated the rent figure. We will also where possible provide up to date utilities consumption. We advise you to take independent professional advice when putting your Business Plan together.

Once we receive your Business Plan, we will review it thoroughly to ensure it is achievable and realistic.  You will then be asked to attend an interview with Fergus McMullen, our Production and Tenanted Sales Director, who will decide whether you are the right applicant for the Tenancy in question.

Your agreement will then be produced and your operations manager will organise a pre-change meeting. This will include ensuring that you understand our agreement in detail, as well as talking you through the process and any actions that are needed prior to entry on your part.



What Happens Next?

Taking on a tenancy or POA (Franchise) can present a significant risk like any other business venture.  We strongly recommend that you consider all the information before making the decision.  We advise you to seek professional advice and do as much research as you can on the pub in question.  

BII Pre Entry Awareness Training

We also require all applicants to have completed their BII Pre Entry Awareness Training (PEAT) – you can do this by following the link below.  The cost is £30 plus VAT, and we will refund it to you if your application is successful.

Visit BII Website

Professional bodies and advice on applying for a pub

Several organisations provide advice to those seeking to enter the pub trade.  Here are a few you may find helpful for advice and information, but we strongly advise that you take professional legal and financial advice too.

British Institute of Innkeeping

Beer and Pub

Information regarding employment legislation for existing staff who may be protected by Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment regulations (TUPE) can be obtained via Acas –

Preparing for the day

Once you are appointed and the date for you to take over your pub has been set, it is important that you begin planning for the big day. We’ve prepared a list of tasks that will help you to get ready for it. The list covers most requirements – you’ll probably have done several of them already.  As always, your McMullen's TOM is available for help and advice, at every step of the way.