Here at Macs, we realise that the first key to any successful pub is having well-motivated, passionate people as our tenants. The second is to ensure that they have excellent training that equips them with the tools to do the job properly.


In addition to the training we offer, you will become a member of the BII, the professional body for the licensed retail sector, in the first year. As a member, you will have access to any training provided through the BII at a cost dictated by them.

McMullen's offer the following training courses, which are designed to give you the knowledge and skills necessary to run your pub, and are available to as many members of staff as you choose to nominate.  Ideally we would expect all key members of your team to be trained to the same level as you to ensure your pub is left in capable hands.

3-Day Induction to Tenancy Operations and Financial Control (FREE)

All our tenants are required to complete the 3-day induction before taking on a pub. The 3 days include information on day-to-day management, marketing, ways of working, time management, controls, promotions, recruitment and merchandising.  The final day is taken up with a financial controls course to ensure that our tenants are trained in the skills of running a licensed premises.

BIIAB Award for Personal Licence Holders (Discounted)

This is the certificate required by all local authorities before granting a personal licence. If you do not hold a personal licence we will book you on the next available course. 

CIEH Level 2 Food Safety (FREE)

All tenants and food handlers are advised to have this basic qualification in food hygiene. If you have one and it’s more than 3 years old you can attend a half-day course (Cost £40) to update your qualification.

BIIAB Beer and Cellar Management Course (FREE)

Our cask ale is our passion, and to ensure we serve the perfect pint every time, all McMullen's tenants are required to attend our cellar management course where you will be awarded a BIIAB certificate. 

CIEH Level 2 Health & Safety (FREE)

This course is designed to introduce you to the management of Health and Safety and Risk Assessments in your pub.

Emergency First Aid at Work (FREE)

A basic first aid programme covering unconscious casualties, airway and breathing difficulties and attending to wounds.

Social Media & Marketing Workshop (FREE)

A one day course to help maximise communication with your customers and market your pub effectively.